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Dec 24, 2010

Some of our members went to PCI on Dec 24 to have a keiko with Yamasaki sensei and other PCI members.  See Gallery for photos!   Happy Holidays, everyone. 

Dec 2010

The final Fall session practice is on Thu Dec 16.  During Jan-March, we will not be able to practice at the Silver Springs Rec Center due to the basketball season.  Therefore we will be practicing at a different location for continuing members. For more details, go to the "Newsletter" link on the left menu, and download the "Winter Session Information Flyer".   We will return to the Silver Springs Rec Center from March 22, 2011 for the Spring session.  Happy Holidays, everyone. 

Nov 11, 2010

Wei sensei (Kyo-shi 7 dan) from Hsu-Do-Kan in Guang Zhou and Taipei kindly visited us. Thank you for a very good keiko for adults.  We are looking forward to have you here many more times in the future!  Please look at the Gallery link for a photo. 

Oct 28, 2010

Shikai sensei (Kyo-shi 7 dan) from Chuo Dojo in LA kindly visited us for the 2nd time. We had a very good keiko.  Thank you for teaching both kids and adults. Please look at the Gallery for photos. 

video-1  video-2  video-3  video-4 

Oct 26, 2010

Munemura san's father (6 dan) has visited our dojo.  Thank you for visiting us and for your advice.  Please see gallery for a photo. 

Oct 7, 2010

We had a surprise visit by a guest kenshi, Mr. Jackson from Maui, Hawaii.  I believe he is from the Makawao Kendo Dojo.   Thank you for visiting us, Mr. Jackson!

Sep 28, 2010

We had many visitor kenshi to our dojo during the past two weeks. 

Sep 21: Aram Kailian from NY, and Stephen Locklair from Charlotte, NC.

Sep 23: Stephen Locklair from Charlotte, and Daniel Oulette from West Side Kendo Dojo, LA.

Sep 28: Tony Yang from NJ

Thank you all for visiting our dojo, and great practices!  Check out some photos in our Gallery section.  

Sep 26, 2010  SCKF Championship Tournament

Two of our members, Stan Indarto and Nagamine sensei participated the SCKF Championship Tournament on 9/26 as part of the PCI team.  The other team members were Raul Palma, Charles Inada, and Yamasaki sensei from PCI.  We won the first round of match against JCI, but we lost in the 2nd round against Sho-Tokyo team.  They are a strong team!  We had very good matches, and enjoyed the team tournament.  It definitely has a different taste from the individual tournament.

Sep 22, 2010   Nisei Week Tournament

Two of our members, Billy and Aries participated the Nisei Week Tournament on Sep 22.  In particular, congrats to Aries for his 1st place in his kyu rank tournament!!

Date: Sep 2, 2010

Steve Okada sensei from Venice Dojo has visited us.  Thank you Okada sensei for practicing with us!!  Below are the videos of the practice: 

video-0  video-1  video-2  video-3  video-4  video-5

Date: July 15-17, 2010

Yamasaki sensei from PCI visited us to have special keiko during July 15-17 (3 practices in a row!).  Thank you, Yamasaki sensei.  Below are some of the videos of the practices. 

video-1  video-2  video-3 video-4 video-5  video-6  video-7  video-8  video-9  video-10

Date: June 5, 2010

We will be performing Kendo demo at the Atomic Testing Museum on August 7, 2010, 11:30a - 12noon.  This is associated with the Family Day event, "Journey through Japan" at the museum.  Details will be emailed to the members separately.  Everyone is welcome to attend. 


Date: June 5, 2010

Please note that there will be visits by senseis from LA during this summer:

July 6 & 8 (regular practice): Shikai sensei and Yuriko sensei from Chuo Dojo.

July 15, 16, 17:  Yamasaki sensei, Charles Inada, Paul Yoo from PCI dojo. (16th & 17th are adult only.)

Please make effort to attend these practices with senseis.  


Date: April 18, 2010

Yamasaki sensei was interviewed by a Japanese TV station at the N/S tournament.  Enjoy this video clip from the news. 


Date: April 18, 2010

N/S Tournament, at Wilson Park, Torrance, CA.

We all had a good experience.  Congratulations to Taeho Kim and Zembayashi san for entering 3rd place in each class!


Date : April 2, 2010

Hi all,

We have alot of new photos from our last Thursday practice, to see click here. Children section from page 10-18. Adults 1-10. Enjoy...Once again thanks to Mr. Kimoto san for taking pictures of our practice.


Date : March 09, 2010

Please advise anyone who is going to participate in the North/South Tournament on Sunday, April 18th at Wilson Park in Torrance.
Cost :
15 and under $15
16 and over $20
Yudansha $20
Bento lunch $9
We have to have the form in by April 1st.
Date : February 15, 2010 (updated Feb 26, 2010)

kendo Practice : - on Feb 24, 2010 from 7pm-9pm same place for adults only.                                              - on Feb 25, 2010 from 7pm-9pm.  Watanabe sensei (7-dan) will visit us from Japan to practice.

Photos see our Gallery or click here for full photos. Thanks to Mr.Kimoto-san for taking pictures of us during Kendo Practice. For Children parts start from page 19-29.

Las Vegas Kendo Club. 

Date : January 26, 2010

Below is the video Documentary Samurai Non Fiction by Mathew Reyes. Las Vegas Kendo Club participated in the video by allowing Mr. Reyes documented our practice. Click here for VIDEO.


Date : January 24, 2010

Quotes/Kendo News "交剣知愛" from Nagamine sensei

交剣知愛  (Kou-ken-chi-ai)

 Why do you all practice Kendo?  Maybe you need some exercise. Maybe you like the spiritual part of Japanese martial arts. Or maybe you just really like it.  To me, of course it’s all of the above.  But there is one other reason that stands out.  By doing Kendo, you meet people from all over the world, outside of your regular boundaries.  For example, we recently had a guest kenshi from Aruba, who used to be a ranger at their national park.  Also, all of our dojo members have different occupations.  How would you meet all these people if you don’t do Kendo?  Perhaps never. 

Kendo allows you to meet people from all over the world with different background.  And when you practice Kendo with these different people, you interact with them on a very deep level, understand each other, and inspire each other. You cultivate each other’s mind, and improve your character together through friendly rivalry. Then you start to feel grateful to your fellow kenshi.  This is 交剣知愛 (Kou-ken-chi-ai).  Kendo can make your life very rich and fulfilling.

Ken Nagamine
Las Vegas Kendo Club


Date : December 22, 2009

Hi all,

here the link to our group photos (December 2009) - click here

Las Vegas Kendo Club

Date : December 17, 2009

 Last week, Mr. Kimoto came to our dojo and took photos of our practice. See the picture 1 and 2 (updated December 20, 2009)

Also a reminder: the photos are the property of Mr.Kimoto, so make sure you get his permission before using it.

Las Vegas Kendo Club

Date : December 14, 2009

Message from Yamasaki sensei;
I want to congratulate Aries on your 2nd place at yesterday's SCKO tournament. Next time, we will expect 1st.
Best Regards,

James Yamasaki

Southern California Kendo Federation - 2007-2010 President ( Japanese Cultural Institute Kendo Dojo - Head Instructor ( Japanese Cultural Institute - Board Of Directors (

To see the match click here

Las Vegas Kendo Club

Date : December 05, 2009

On Thu Dec 4, we had a guest Kenshi, Mr. Eddy Croes, visiting us from Aruba.
He was on a business trip, but brought his bogu all the way from Aruba to practice with us. We had a very good practice with him, and an enjoyable supper after
the keiko with a drink.
Thank you for visiting our dojo, Eddy!

 (pictures - click here)

Ken Nagamine

Date : November 23, 2009

Posted the photo of the Shodai Kenji sensei, 2008 All Japan Kendo Champion during seminar on November 21, 22 2009. (to see picture click here)

To see more photos here the link

- day 1 -

- day 2 -

Also reminder the photos from flickr are the property of Denis, so make sure you get his permission before using it.

Date : November 19, 2009 (updated Nov 20, 09)

We post the Newsletter November 2009.

Also Yamasaki sensei will visit us again on Dec 17, 18, and 19 2009.

Thu Dec 17: the last regular practice at Silver Springs Rec Center
Fri Dec 18: 7-9pm, studio A (adults only) - read the November Newsletter
Sat Dec 19: 10am - 12noon, studio A (adults only) - read the November Newsletter

Fern Adair Conservatory of the Arts (Dec 18 & 19)
3265 E. Patrick Lane
Las Vegas, NV 89120
Tel: 458-7575

Another event SCKO individual tournament @ Dec 13, 2009. Please email to Yamasaki sensei to register by November 20, 09 and fee $28 (include bento).

Las Vegas Kendo Club

Date : October 26, 2009

Hi all,
Regardless of the outcome, I think we all had a great time and learned  
a lot through this process. I am very happy to see our members taking the
Shinkyu Shinsa (promotional test) Oct 25, 2009 at @ Wilson Park, TORRANCE.
The following are the results of the shinsa: 
Kentaro Nagamine - 4 dan
Kohei Munemura - 3 dan
Aries Ortaliza - 3+ kyu
Stanilas Indarto - 2 kyu
Wonravee Chavalit - 2 kyu
James Carlson - 2- kyu
Also additional events/ news:
Covina 40th Anniversary Keiko-Kai
11/15/09, Covina Dojo

Shodai Sensei Visit
Shodai Kenji sensei, 2008 All Japan Kendo Champion, will be visiting
Southern California in November. He is with the Kanagawa Police
Department and specializes in jodan-no-kamae. Four seminars are
For details:
Best regards,

Ken Nagamine
Las Vegas Kendo Club

Date : October 25, 2009


Everyone did an outstanding job. I will try my best to do well maybe in
the spring if not next year.  I'm very proud of all of you.  
You all have established a tradition with our group.  
Once again good job today.

sensei galvez

Date : October 17, 2009

Hi all,
In light of the upcoming shinsa, we will have a special adult-only
keiko on Wed Oct 21 at the dance studio from 7pm - 9pm. The address
is as follows:
Fern Adair Conservatory of the Arts
3265 E. Patrick Lane
Las Vegas, NV 89120
Tel: 458-7575
The studio is just across the street from the Del Sol high school, and
they have plenty of parking spaces.
I will be there at 6:30pm.


Ken Nagamine
Las Vegas Kendo Club

Date : September 26, 2009

Sensei Yamasaki from PCI dojo , Pasadena will visit us again on October 15-16-17. Therefore, We will have additional practice on Friday - October 16, 2009 at 6.30pm - 8.30pm and Saturday - October 17, 2009 at 10.00 am - 12pm.

Fall Session Kendo Activity will start : 08/25/2009 - 10/15/2009                     Winter Seesion Kendo Activity will start :  10/27/2009 - 12/17/2009            

Thanks you, 

Date : July 23, 2009

I would like to share quotes by Miyamoto Musashi

“In fighting and in everyday life you should be determined though calm.Meet the situation without tenseness yet not recklessly, your spirit settled yet unbiased. An elevated spirit is weak and a low spirit is weak. Do not let the enemy see your spirit.”

Date : June 18,2009


There would be a SCKF KATA seminar on Sunday July 19, 2009 at Covina Dojo , California, from 9am -5pm. Its for 3dan and above but anyone can attend to watch. Bento cost $9.00 each.

This is an invitation to attend, if you interested please talk to sensei Galvez.

Thank you.


Date : March 29, 2009


(Hall of Discipline)


     The dojo is a place of respect. Why?  Here we learn to cultivate the “self.”  In here we learn to purify our minds through intense training.  The dojo is a sacred place and a hall where others come to cleanse the “spirit” of the ego. 

     Dojo is composed of two ideas; “do” means way of life, while “jo” means  a “site”.  Dojo then forms the idea-thought of the “site of the way of life.”  So you understand that all your actions in the dojo are deliberate.  When you enter through the door you are living kendo. 

     The dojo is a sacred place therefore we bow when we first enter.  Next because it is a place where we purify our spirit and purity is cleanliness, we remove our footwear near the door.  When we enter the dojo we bow, when we depart the dojo we bow.  The bowing is a show of respect to our selves and of others who helps us along our training towards self enlightenment.

     Self enlightenment is obtained through intense training in the dojo.  Once we are in the dojo we must focus all of our energy toward perfecting “mushin,” no-mind.  In the dojo we show humility and respect towards our opponent, win or lose.  When we attack men, all our actions must culminate in one deliberate strike.  When we make that deliberate strike we gain a sense of self fulfillment; self fulfillment produces self confidence.  Therefore with self confidence we can take on additional challenges. 

     The dojo poses many life style challenges and solutions to a practitioner in a training hall.  Through intense discipline we can cultivate alertness, speed, and direct cognition.  All of these attributes helps us in the development of swordsmanship.


Date : February 02, 2009

“Enzan no metsuke”

(“Looking at a mountain far away”)

Kendo is not just in the dojo.  We cannot leave it in the dojo when we leave for the night only to be taken up once again when we return.  It is a way of life.  It goes with us wherever and whenever we deal with life.  In my early years of learning the art of the sword, I was guilty of the exact same thing.  I was only interested in learning the tactics of the sport of kendo but my life was still a frustrating challenge.  I realize that the longer I “lived” kendo the more my life began to take on a different way of looking at people, places, and things.  Kendo increased my scope of life.  The saying “enzan no metsuke” is a metaphor to describe how we should look at life around us.  In other words, look at the big picture.  We shouldn’t get too “wrapped around the axle” or get too lost on the small things of life where we lose the opportunity enjoy life which is going on all around us all the time.   Step back look at that tree that you pass everyday without giving notice to it.  Look and see the strength of the trunk; look at the branches that provides the shade on a hot summer day.  The sound of the leaves ruffling at the passing of the wind, how the sound adds to the distinctiveness of our experiences.  These are the experiences that helps us to look at things for what it is.  Such as in kendo, we must keep all of our opponent within view but not to be distracted  by a single feature such as the eyes, shinai, shoulders etc.  When we keep the opponents whole feature within our view then we can learn what our opponent is thinking and we can execute  a specific offense.  Kendo is just another “path” that we as a human individual can choose in seeking fulfillment of our life here on earth.


Sensei Galvez


Date : December 09, 2008

Dear Kendo participants,

This newsletter is to inform you about the current status of the Las Vegas Kendo Club. Since Watanabe sensei (7th Dan; "sensei" means "teacher" in Japanese) left for Japan in November, we have been trying to make a transition to the "team-operation" mode.

The four instructors (Galvez[head], Munemura, Nagamine, Zembayashi) are trying to take turns in leading the practice.



In addition, Stan Indarto is acting as the Treasurer of the Club, and he has often led the practice when none of the instructors are available.

However, we all have full-time jobs, and we are all quite busy. (Please note that we are all volunteers.)

Therefore there have been some discussions about moving the Thursday practice to Saturday afternoon, when the instructors are free from their own work.

One possibility that we are currently seeking is to use the gym in the Clark High School (at Arville and Penwood) on Saturday afternoons (say 2-4pm).

We have also set up our website:

Michael & Stan (our webmaster) have done a great job of setting it up and get it going.


Please refer to this website for the Spring 2009 schedule and locations.

The current plan is to have Tuesday practice at the Silver Springs Rec Center as before, and a Saturday practice at some other location.

It is our intention to continue the legacy of Watanabe sensei, and spread the Kendo tradition here in Las Vegas.

Happy holidays, and hope to see you next year.

Las Vegas Kendo Club



2009年の予定については、後日こちらを参照してください。今のところ、火曜の練習は今まで通りSilver Springs Rec Centerで行い、土曜の午後に他の場所で、という予定です。寒さが厳しくなってまいります。体調には十分ご留意ください。



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