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Mr. Ramon Totsol from Spain visited on 12/6/2016

Ms. Hisae Umezu (3dan) from Japan visited to Ryugamine Dojo on 11/10/2016.

Fall shinsa on 10/16/2016

Practice with Nagamine-sensei and Wei-sensei on 9/22/2016

Amazing keiko with Yamasaki-sensei of PJCI and Nagamine-sensei from Japan on 9/22/2016. 

Practice with Nagamine-sensei (5dan) former head instructor of our dojo on 9/18/2016

Congratulation to Zembayashi-sensei for 3rd place in SCKF Individual Championship on 7/19/2016.

Precious keiko week with Shikai-sensei on May 15,17,20, 2016. 

Shikai-sensei, Chuo Dojo (7dan) and Wei-sensei visited on 5/15/2016

Amamoto-sensei, Tsuzuki-Chigasaki-Kenyukai, Yokohama, Japan visited on 4/19/2016

Fun keiko with Siina-sensei (Soke of Chiba-ke Seiden Hokushin Itto Ryu) on 4/10, 12 and 14.

March 31, 20016 - Watanabe sensei visit from Japan

Keiko w/ guest from Lakeshore Chicago Kendo Club , Joji Takada sensei (5 dan) on 1/14/2016

December 20,2015 - Guest from Norway and Houston

Maeda san (Houston) and Pretzinger san (Norway, South West Kendo Club)


December 15, 2015 : Guest from Czec Republic

Great practice with Mr. Tomas (4 dan) from Czec Republic



September 27, 2015 : SCKF Team Championship 2015

Team from PCI : Stefan (PCI LasVegas), Inada (PCI), Stanilas (PCI LasVegas), Kim (PCI), and Deguzman (PCI)


  Video of the tournament click here

August 03, 2015 : Keiko with Yuya Takenouchi sensei (Japan)

Takenouchi sensei is 62nd All Japan Kendo Championship. He is a youngest everwinner.


  Video click here 

April 14, 2015 

Guest Visit from Japan, (天本 保) Tamotsu Amamoto sensei (7 dan ).

Yesterday we had a great practice!!! Thank you so much! 

March 18, 2015 : Siina sensei Schedule

Siina sensei's visit from March 21 - March 30.

March 21 (Sat)  - Arrive in Las Vegas at 10:08pm.

March 22 (Sun) - Morning practice with LVKC. Afternoon is open. Perhaps have advanced seminar after lunch.

March 23 (Mon) - Travel and sightseeing in LA.

March 24 (Tue) - Return to Las Vegas. Evening practice with LVKC

March 25 (Wed) - Day sightseeing with Parr sensei, and evening seminar with Iado group

March 26 (Thu) - Day sightseeing/ shopping with Nobuko-san. Evening practice with LVKC

March 27 (Fri) - Day with Nikki. (possible evening practice with LVKC) and POTLUCK at 6:00pm for Nagamine sensei and Siina sensei visit.

March 28 (Sat) - Morning seminar with Iado group

March 29 (Sun) - Morning practice with LVKC

March 30 (Mon) - Return to Japan - Flight time is 1:52pm

March 18, 2015 REMINDER SHINSA in LA

April 18, 2015 at Covina Dojo in LA. If you would like to attend, please come to talk with Stefan sensei. 

February 19, 2015 : Upcoming Events

1. Valiant Wei Sensei from Taiwan (7 dan) will practice with us from Feb 19, 2015 - March 04, 2015. 

2. Kazue Siina sensei from Japan (7 dan) will have seminar/keiko with us from March 24 - 30, 2015

3. Spring Shinsa is on April 18, 2015 at Covina dojo. Please keep this date and event in mind.


July 01, 2014 : Summer 2014 - Schedule Changes

1. Our Sunday afternoon classes will be changing from afternoon to morning, due to extreme heat and more flexible time. Sunday practices will now be from 10:00am -11:15am for kids/ everyone, and 11:15am-12:30pm for adults.

2. Silver Springs Rec. Ctr. facility will no longer be having classes there after july session, due to SSRC try to reduce time of courts and decreased enrollment at SSRC.

3. We will have a tenugui design contest among the members. Details will be announced at the Ryugamine dojo during practice time.

Thank you for your continued support and effort !!!


December 21, 2013: Seminar by Takasaki sensei (8dan), Yamada sensei (7dan), and Takahashi sensei (7dan)

December 12, 2013: Seminar by Hamasaki Mitsuru sensei (8 dan, Hanshi) and Kato Shozo sensei (8dan)

Thank you both senseis, for visiting Ryugamine Dojo!!

The visiting sensei are Hamasaki Mitsuru-sensei (8-Dan Hanshi and chief instructor at Tokyo Metropolitan Police) and Kato Shozo-sensei (8-Dan from New York and head instructor of Shidogakuen in the North East U.S.).

November 21,2013: Seminar by Daiki Kiwada sensei, renshi 6 dan, 2012 AJKF champion

2012 AJKC champion Kiwada-sensei from the Osaka Prefectural Police. 

Photos :

Keiko Video/ Seminar :


October 20,2013: Fall shinsa in LA

Congratulations to everyone who passed!! 6 kyu : Carson Bank, Jamar Barber. 5 kyu: Joshua Lum, Kyte Metke, Joseph Church, Conner Au, Jacob Khuraibet. 4 kyu: Kana Yokozeki, Jeffrey Wheeble. 2 kyu: Kenji Richardson. 2 dan: Wonravee Chavalit, Aries Ortaliza. 3 dan: Stanilas Indarto

August 14, 2013 : September Visitor

Hi all,

Nagamine sensei will be visiting Las Vegas from 9/5-9/18. He will keiko with us during that time. So, please put the date in your calendar and come keiko to welcome back Nagamine sensei.


Stanilas Indarto


May 4, 2013:   Spring shinsa in LA

On Sat May 4, 2013, the Spring Shinsa was held in LA by SCKF.  Some of our members have tried, and passed successfully.  Please congratulate the following members who have been promoted:  Takaya Zembayashi (4 dan), Kohei Munemura (4 dan), Hiro Sakai (2 dan), John Loveland (3 kyu), Kenji Richardson (3 kyu), Nobuko Loveland (4 kyu), Joseph Church (6 kyu), Hiroshi Iwata (6 kyu), Misha Yap (6 kyu).  We are especially happy to have two new 4-dan sensei, Zembayashi san and Munemura san.  Congratulations to everyone who passed!!

April 26, 2013: Photos

Kazue Siina sensei & Masae Siina san Wedding photo

Kazue Siina sensei (Ryugamine Dojo)

T. Kamei Sensei (Hanshi 8dan) California, Torrance

April 12-21, 2013:   Siina sensei visit

Siina sensei (7-dan & Bushou-kousha) visited our dojo again for the 2nd time.  He has helped us to build the new Ryugamine Dojo floor with a traditional Japanese method back in Oct 2012.  During this visit, he wanted to make sure that our dojo is doing well and we also maintained the dojo floor, correcting the warps of floor lumber.   We also had many seminars, as well as his surprise wedding ceremony in the dojo!!

April 11-13, 2013:   Yamasaki sensei visit

Yamasaki sensei (5 dan) and Inada san (3 dan) from Pasadena Kendo Dojo visited us again.   Their visit coincided with Siina sensei visit, we had a very busy schedule this week.   Thank you again for visiting our dojo and for your guidance, Yamasaki sensei.  We forgot to take a photo with sensei, as we were too much into Kendo....!!

Feb 17, 2013:  Wei sensei visit

 Wei sensei (7 dan) visited our dojo again, and practiced several times this time.  We all had good practices with him.  We look forward to visit his next visit in May.  Thank you, Wei sensei.

Jan 9, 2013:  Shinoda sensei visit

Through the introduction by Siina sensei, we had the honor of welcoming Shinoda sensei from Kenshikan Dojo in Melbourne, Australia.  Thank you, Shinoda sensei, for visiting Ryugamine Dojo during your busy trip! 


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